PP Tiles

Asian Flooring Sports are leading manufactures in the production of all outdoor flooring. When we consider PP tiles in the use of flooring, it is best put to use at all outdoor construction, since they are manufactured from superior quality plastic, that provides a long-lasting performance. PP tiles are also mobile and can give the customer, the choice of the flexibility of movement and change the position of the tiles layout. Our PP tiles flooring is very simple and easy to reinstall and this is very crucial if a flooring, needs to be moved on a regular basis. We install USA based technology that gets manufactured using high-quality materials, certified by ITF on various other quality and safety adherence factors. Asian Flooring Sports surfaces are used a dime a dozen, for all multi-sports activities and arena facilities. Considering the long-term usage, cost-effectiveness and easy maintenance with its flexibility, that makes it perfect for your design and flooring construction.


  • Using USA based Technology and Research in technical specifications
  • We have 100% recyclable options with PP tiles, which are well reputed as the only product with a 100% recycling rate
  • Superior Raw Material Components
  • Smooth surface with phenomenal ball bounce
  • Low Maintenance and easy abrasive removal
  • 13.mm in thickness for PP tiles
  • 301 mm square shape availability
  • Meets standard norms and safety compliance for International Level

Product construction